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  • If you want to understand yourself better, YES.

  • If you have felt drawn to the course, YES.

  • if you want to learn how to live in sync with your highest potential, YES.

  • If you want to be able to truly forgive yourself and others, YES.

  • if you are ready to let go of the blocks that are standing between you and love, YES

This livestream is FREE and will always be free. We will meet virtually once a week to elevate our frequency together and to study A Course In Miracles!


Hi, I’m Charlotte,

Like many, I felt drawn to the teachings of this thick blue book, but closed it 5 minutes after I opened it for the first time. I received this book back in 2014, got scared by the word ‘‘God’’ that was repeated all through the book and closed it. Instead, I listened to all my favorite authors audio books and admired them for being able to present A Course In Miracles in a more understandable and down to earth way. I started to slowly reprogram my mind without realizing it. In 2015 I opened the course again and made it a habit to open it in the morning and let it set the tone for my day.

For me, this course gave me a channel of communication to my true self, and has helped me reprogram to happiness. That’s why I want to share my understanding of the Course with you. To show you how you can connect to your inner teacher and remove the blocks that stand in between you and love.

I am excited to have you join me!