Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor

Bachelor degree in Personal Training (Virginia, USA)

In person in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa.

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German or Spanish.

Online: Worldwide


Hi, i’m charlotte

As a Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor, but most importantly as someone who was overweight, unhappy with her body, obsessed with food and exercise and suffered from a lot of eating disorders - I am here to show you how to fall in love with your body and enjoy life.

I know what it feels like to think short term, to be on a diet and go to your friends house and getting anxious about trying the cake, not being able to trust yourself to stick to a new lifestyle, being scared of eating bread, feeling overwhelmed with all the different diets and fitness influencer lifestyles out there.

I lost weight in 2006 and it was not until 2016 until I completely fell in love with my body and was free of obsessive thoughts around food and exercise.

I became an ‘‘intuitive eater and exerciser’’ in 2017 and thats when my body and mind transformed the most. I have never felt as fit, healthy and happy. Effortlessly. I learned the secrets to my own homeostasis as I called it, because I was sick and tired of forcing my body to be in an unnatural state or eat foods that were not supporting my wellbeing or happiness.

So, I’m here to help you enjoy life free from obsessive thoughts around your body, I’m here to help you unlock the secrets of your body and find a lifestyle that works for you. Long term.

If you are looking for overnight abs, I’m not your girl. If you are looking for the happiest you, I AM YOUR GIRL.


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I will teach you all the scientific facts about food and exercise and combine it with the wisdom of your body and energetic principles.

You will learn what foods suit you and which don’t. You will learn how to trust your own intuitive feelings and fall in love with exercising your way.

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You will stop hating on your body, stop looking in the mirror and counting all your flaws.

You will enjoy social gatherings to their fullest, because you are free of obsessive thoughts around dieting.

You will learn how to navigate your mental landscape and program your mind for inner peace and happiness.

All of your relationships will change into energy giving love bonds. Most importantly your relationship with yourself will turn in to love and support.

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I tried every diet out there.

I woke up hating on my body every single day.

I used to only eat when I felt like I deserved it.

I used to have mental breakdowns every time I could not measure my food or control my exercising schedule.

We are not here on earth to be on a diet that does not suit us and be in a bad mood because of it.

We are not here on earth to use all our mental space on negative thoughts towards our body.

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50e + tax (24%)/HOUR

450E + tax - 10 HOURS

850E + tax - 20 HOURS

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