spiritually aligned human

Do you ever feel like you cannot show up as your spiritual self in your human life? Like people are going to judge you or think you are crazy if they find out you meditate, believe in a higher power or align your chakras before you leave the house? Or do you find yourself being so dedicated to your spiritual connection that you keep yourself from human activities like going out dancing, having a glass of wine chatting with your friends, or watching Netflix? Like you need to keep those two things separate?

Well, this podcast is for you! It’s designed to give you new tools to living as a spiritually connected human, new ways of thinking that enables you to show up for life as everything that you are. I believe that all of us have a fountain of love and happiness inside of us, but we have forgotten how to access it and how to share it with the world. I want to show you how to restore your true connection to yourself and others . ENJOY.

spiritually aligned human

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E029 | The reason we do not feel at peace - The duality within you

Many of us feel high on life, connected and inspired one day and totally out of place the next. Because we are choosing to feed two different energies within us. It's like we are running two separate softwares that are clashing. In some moment we remember who we truly are and what we came here to do and feel whole. And sometimes we wake up feeling anxious, feeling like we are living a life that does not feel like we are really living at all.

E028 | Conflicting intentions - The art of aligning your thoughts with what you truly desire

This episode is about learning to put all your eggs in one basket. Think about this: Are your thoughts, words and actions aligned with that which you intend to create and happen? For example: You want to transform your current relationship. You want to ''fix what is broken''. Are all your intentions aligned with that transformation or is part of you already checked out, already looking for new partner options? Is part of you intending to find more flaws in your partner and to find reasons for leaving? Or are all your intentions really in harmony? Are you committed with not only your word, but with your thoughts and intentions, to being open to transformation, being willing to see things differently, willing to be guided, willing to love and be loved?

E027 | Empaths - Being an energy transformer

This episode is about being a highly empathic person, someone who can feel what others feel. Literally. I used to think there was something wrong with me - and maybe you have felt that too. Which is why I wanted to make this episode, specially for you if you have a feeling or know that you are highly sensitive to other peoples moods and emotions. If you feel like you absorb other people's pain and maybe even have made it your mission to do so. If you feel like you often feel energy drained for no apparent reason. If you feel like you find yourself in relationships that are unbalanced and taking your happiness and energy instead of adding to it. This episode is for you. I will share my honest feelings about daily life situations and relationships. What it can be like worst case scenario as an empath - and what it's like best case scenario. Enjoy.

E025 | When Relationships fall apart

The way you choose to see a situation has more to do with the way you feel than the situation itself. In this episode I give you daily examples of choosing better thoughts and choosing to see life in a way that uplifts you. I give you examples of how you can take back control over your life and become the artist of your own happiness. Enjoy.

E025 | When things are not working out as planned

How can we stop feeling destroyed every time things fall apart or don’t work out the way we planned? How can we be happy even when things are not the way we want them to be? How can we find another way of seeing setbacks and failures? How can we love our body even if it does not look the way we want it to be? How can we feel love when we are not in a relationship? How can we believe in love when we just got dumped?

E024 | Lightworker activation - Good morning

As a Lightworker you feel a strong pull towards raising the vibration of this world - in your own unique way. As a Lightworker you might also feel like it’s difficult to believe in your purpose and mission sometimes because you might be around a lot of people who have not yet woken up to their purpose and have not yet opened themselves fully to their higher self or perceiving this world through the lenses of love. This morning vibrational transmission is for you.

E023 | Good morning affirmations

Start your morning on the highest frequency, plugged in to universal wisdom and flow.

E022 | Miraculous Self Talk - Talk yourself into happiness

The number one tool to raisin your frequency is raising the quality of your self talk. In this episode i share daily examples of Miraculous Self Talk and share simple techniques to creating a happier life for yourself and improving all your relationships. Enjoy and share the love.

E021 | How to deal with negative people

So you feel like there is a person or multiple people around you that are draining your energy? Like they are constantly complaining or gossiping? You feel energy drained after meeting with them, but feel like you kind of have to deal with them, be their friends or work with them? This episode is for you :).

E020 | How to avoid burnout as an ambitious Lightworker with Sarah

Do you ever feel like you want to make a big impact in the world and find yourself in the energy output mode all the time? You feel a strong urge to live your purpose and pull on all strings you can get your hands on at the same time? This episode is for you!

E019 | Money Manifestation with Christine Michelle

‘‘Too often we think that we have to give up everything in order to be spiritual.’’

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