7 Energy Alignment tools for empaths



as an empath that can sense energies strongly and sometimes even becomes like a sponge for other people’s vibes - I had to learn how to clear out those energies and make sure that what I am feeling are my feelings and not someone else’s feelings.

Which is what I shared on my ‘‘7 Days of Living as a spiritually aligned human’’ newsletter jam some months back. Here are the 7 tools:

  1. Sending energy back

    Sometimes you might feel sad or angry and might even cry without understanding why. You might feel like you have no reason to feel what you are feeling but the experience of that emotion feels very real. You might have absorbed other people’s feelings and emotions as a result of your own energy channels being open.

    Action: Whenever you feel like you have taken on other people’s emotions (you do not even need to know or understand who or where you picked it up from) say this: ‘‘Ok Universe/God/Angels, this does not feel like my own feeling, if I picked it up from someone or somewhere - I send it back to whoever or wherever it came from. I know that they can handle it and I do not need to take on other people’s feelings for them. They are strong enough to deal with it, please send them all the healing and tools they need. ‘‘.

  2. Sound healing

    Sometimes you might walk in to a room or your own home and the energy just feels off.

    Action: Use a sound bowl or your hands to disrupt a heavy energy in the room. If you feel like there is tension or bad energy in the room, try using one of the two with the intention of ‘‘clearing the air’’.

  3. Cutting chords

    If you feel overwhelmed, like there are too many people or situations relying on you, wanting something from you or needing you for their happiness - try cutting chords. Sometimes you might feel a physical pain of someone strangling you or pulling you. There might be energetic chords binding you to other people, even if you have not seen them in a week, a month, or even years.

    Sometimes even after having broken up with my exes, I feel like there are still strings attaching us to each other. I remember one of my exes saying that I just like being social because I want attention. I kept that thought alive for many years even after our relationship and it was caging me in. I felt very self conscious in social situations and constantly second guessed my intentions. I could feel the exact words ringing in my mind every time I would speak up or enter a social gathering. I realized that those were thought chords that attached me to the image my ex-partner had of me and that I did not need to keep feeding that stream of energy.

    Action: Make a scissors with both of your hands(as if you were playing rock paper scissors). Close your eyes and visualize all the places in your body where you feel chords attaching you to an event or a person. Call on all the people you intuitively feel an energetic bond towards and chords between you and cut them with your hands. Repeat as often as needed and feel the energy clear up.

  4. Nature

    Sometimes you might feel stuck, uninspired or very critical. Chances are that you have spent a lot of time around electronics or having too much sensory input.

    Action: Go spend some time in nature. Walk barefoot on the ground. Hug trees. Climb trees. Go swimming in the Ocean. Go hiking. Touch plants. Do gardening. Build a sandcastle. Whatever reconnects you to life force energy. It will give you a new perspective and ‘‘unstuck you’’.

  5. Crystals

    There are many different crystals for many different purposes. I wear an amethyst around my neck on most days in order to feel connected to the universe and divine wisdom in my daily ventures. I usually hold the necklace and say a mini prayer throughout the day (from a course in miracles) ‘‘God please speak through me today, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom.’’

    I also have a rose quartz attached to my keychain as I wish for it to infuse love in to all places I go to. I also use different Crystals to amplify the energy in my meditations.

    Action: Go to a Crystal store and intuitively pick a crystal. You will know which one. Spend some time reading about the crystal and start using it in your meditations and daily life.

  6. Energy protecting bubble

    This is something my mom and the energy healer I first visited back in 2014 taught me, and it has worked miracles in my life. Being an empath means that your energy is very open, meaning that your aura can cast very wide and people that are sad, negative or just unhappy feel drawn to your healing vibe.

    Action: Picture a protecting energy bubble around you every morning before you leave the house. It makes sure that no negativity is affecting you and that you are not absorbing other people’s emotions.

  7. Endorphins

    Nothing shakes up shitty energy like a good workout, a walk, doing your favorite sport or a little at home dance session.

    Action: Do your favorite form of exercise, and once you are done - send that energy to your entire body and any problems you are trying to solve. That good energy and high vibration will be infused into everything you think about and do next.

What’s your favorite energy alignment tool? Comment below to share the wisdom.