Intro to A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles is a thick blue book, that enables us to think in a more helpful way and to be aware of the way our mind traps us in illusions.

A course in miracles

A Course In Miracles is said to be kind of like a spiritual psychotherapy - Transforming our life by transforming our mindset.

Many people (myself included) open The Course and close it soon after opening, because it is written in a rather complex way and uses the word ‘‘God’’ a lot. It is often mistaken for a religion, which is what scares people off. This is why I want to create content that makes the principle of the Course easy to understand and apply to the world we currently live in. I have studied the course and its translations since 2014 and have found it to be the biggest blessing that was put on my path.

In The Course it says:

‘‘It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.’’

Sometimes the word ‘‘Miracles’’ also confuses people. Miracles in this book are not some supernatural phenomenas. Miracles (as understood though the course) are seen as a shift in our perception. Being able to see clearly. Seeing with love where we were unable to see with love.

For example:

  • Blessing people silently in our minds instead of judging them.

  • Having the intention of ‘‘this situation unfolding to the highest good for everyone involved’’ in any situation - instead of trying to put others down.

  • Forgiving someone we have not been able to forgive the past ten years.

  • Realizing our purpose and not being afraid to step in to it.

Those are all examples of Miracles. They release us from the mental patterns that cause us pain. They remove the internal conflict between fear and love. They help us reconnect with the love in us and the love in others.

The Miracle Mindset (as I call it) is a way of seeing life where you cause no suffering for yourself. You stop seeing yourself as separate from others. You stop seeking for your happiness outside yourself and create it within you. You stop expecting others to behave a certain way so that you can feel peace. You stop repeating self sabotaging patterns. You stop believing that you are guilty in some way and that it’s your job to make others feel guilty. You stop reacting to life and take responsibility for what you choose to focus your attention on. You stop putting people on pedestals and see no difference in worth between any human and the next.

How has the course changed my life?

I started to study the course and it’s translations by teachers like Marianne Williamson and Dr. Wayne Dyer in 2014. I decided to live in Colombia, had just broken up with my partner I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, didn’t know anybody there, moved in to a house with 8 strangers and started a volunteer position.

I felt lonely and lost and broken. But at the same time I had a strong inner knowing that ‘‘I am supposed to be here and I will step in to who I really am’’. The truth is, I didn't know who I was when I started reading the course. I was so used to pleasing others and being liked by others that I never explored who I am or what I would say and do if I was not so worried about what others think of me.

I looked for my sense of self and happiness in relationships and my mood was dependent on the mood of those around me. I held a lot of judgement towards others, gossip was part of my daily communication, I talked negativily about myself to myself, I had a constant feeling that there was something wrong with me, I felt guilty for the ways in which I had hurt others, I was blaming others for not feeling free and for not being where I wanted to be in life and just in general felt like I was different and separate from others.

So the course helped me to ‘‘Return to love’’ (like the book title of Marianne Williamson’s amazing book). I started to remember who I really am and return to my natural state - which is love. I started to slowly change the way I saw others, myself and my circumstances. I started to think with love and act out of love. I started to see kindness as a blessing - not something to ‘‘only give to those who deserve it’’ - as we have been programmed to think.

I started to be less defensive and resistant - to relax and allow more. I started to look for the good in others and the good in my life. I started to write down all the beliefs I had taught myself to believe in and live by - and rewrote the ones that caused me pain. I stopped judging people by how they look or what they do. I started to step in to my purpose and express my soul through writing.

I let go of the guilt I was carrying and the guilt I was putting on others. I adopted new ways of thinking that released me from that burden. I learned to think in a way that uplifts me and those around me.

The teachings and daily application of the course transformed my mind and energy. Which is why I am so passionate about passing my understanding of it to you.

Here is the first podcast episode I made about the course. Enjoy & Share.