3 Ways to motivate yourself immediately


How do you motivate yourself to do something that does not give you instant gratification - that is, does not give you immediate results? Such as going to work out, start learning a new language, waking up 30 minutes earlier to meditate and work on your mindset, starting your own business, applying for a new job and everything else you feel inspired to do and change in your life but never actually do.

How do you actually change your behavior? How do you learn to talk yourself in to the things you want to do instead of talking yourself out of them? How do you find reasons for not hitting the snooze button instead of finding arguments for why you should sleep in a little longer?

Let me introduce you to 3 ways that will help you show up for life as your golden self:

  1. Decide.

    This might sound obvious, but it’s not. Deciding to choose what you want the most over what you want right now is what builds your character and your commitment to change. You want to sleep a little longer right now, but you want to have a happier mind in the long run. You want to eat that entire chocolate cake right now, but you want to be healthy and fit in the long run more than you want those 10 minutes of instant pleasure. You want to be committed to your partner and show them your love and respect more than you want to act on a flirt that is tempting you to cheat. You want to change your life for the better and stay consistent in aligning your actions with it. You want to stay committed to your own happiness and your own goals more than you want everything to stay as it was.

    Action: Name your golden version of yourself. My golden self is called Sofia. When I feel like hitting the snooze button I ask myself out loud: What would Sofia do? Sofia makes better decisions than my ego. Sofia is committed to growth and to my own happiness. Sofia is the part of me that is inspired to create and make a positive impact in this world and in order for me to be able to do that I need to stay committed to taking responsibility for my own energy, motivation and mindset. So I decide not to hit the snooze button. What’s your Golden version called? In any given moment of temptation ask yourself what your Golden version would do.

  2. Affirmations.

    Affirmations are powerful sentences that help you reprogram your subconscious mind. They are empowering statements or thoughts that help you change your mindset. Affirmations give you emotional support and through repetition make you believe that you can instead of you can not. Your brain is wired to find proof for what you are telling it. When you use positive affirmations, such as good things happen to me all the time - Your brain is using confirmation bias to find proof for your statement. You will literally start paying attention to the things that are good in your life and focus on how good things indeed are happening to you all day long.

    Action: Write down at least ten affirmations. Things you need to hear. Every morning you read that list to yourself while you look yourself in the eyes using a mirror. If you do not have access to a mirror, read them out loud to yourself. Keep repeating them until you feel more empowered. Read the list as often as you remember. When you go to the bathroom, when you have your lunch break, when you sit on the bus, when you are waiting for someone, before you go to bed. My list of affirmation currently consists of power statements around building my business, such as I am a transformational speaker, I help people transform their mindset, my voice is healing and my words heal, new opportunities show up every single day and I am grateful for that, I am co-creating with the universe and take inspired action towards my dreams.

  3. Dig out your bullshit list.

    Your bullshit list is the list of your top excuses you use in different situations. The sooner you start calling yourself out on your own excuses the easier it will be for you to move past them.

    What is your mind telling you when you want to eat that chocolate cake? That you deserve it because you had a long day at work? That you need it to comfort you because you are sad? That it will be the last piece before you start changing your lifestyle for real?

    What is your mind telling you when you hit that snooze button? That you need to sleep a little longer in order to be more energized? That you start this new habit thing tomorrow? That you didn’t sleep well? That you have a long day ahead of you and need to snooze a little more?

    Action: Write it down. Find out what the exact thoughts and situations are when you are most tempted to fall back into unhelpful habit cycles. I cheated in both of my first long relationships and I wasn’t able to change my pattern before I wrote down my bullshit list. The exact thoughts when cheating were that I feel trapped in the relationship because my partner is so jealous and controlling and I deserve better than that. I recognized the pattern of feeling tempted to cheat and hungry for external attention when I was not feeling fulfilled in my own life, when I was not being my true self and building a life that is aligned with my soul. It was easier to make someone else responsible for my happiness than take the responsibility for it myself. It was naive and easy to think that getting attention from someone else would make me feel better about myself - I know that sound crazy and very illogical, but hey, our minds are tricky.

I made a little something for you that will stop you from procrastinating. Doing the inner work is important for staying committed in becoming who you want to be and designing a life you love. Download the 3 step action plan now, and start the 3 step action plan right now!

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