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Hi, i’m charlotte

I’m here to help you remember why you are here. I’m here to remind you that you might not feel at home here on this earth, but you do belong here. I am sharing my ways of living as a spiritually connected human, and everything I create and put out is intended for you to remember what you might have forgotten.

Do you ever feel like you need to choose either or: Being fully grounded in your human experience, obeying the human created system OR being fully connected to the spiritual world, rebelling and straining from anything and anyone that does not feel ‘‘spiritual’’ enough?

As a Lightworker, you might feel a strong inner yearning to do something meaningful here on earth and to already ‘‘do what you are supposed to be doing’’ aka. Living your purpose. Maybe you feel like you are not really alive, not living up to your fullest potential. Maybe you feel lost because you haven’t found that ‘‘one thing yet’’.

I get it.

I believe that we all have a function in this world and that we all have a purpose. I also believe that all of us have the answers inside of ourselves. My biggest aspiration is to feel connected to that inner knowing every day so that I can walk on this earth feeling complete every single day. I also believe that when we access that temple of love inside of us that we become more balanced, loving and forgiving towards others. That when we light ourselves up from the inside we emanate that light onto everybody we come into contact with.

So I’m here to help you access that light within you by releasing your energy and mindset blocks.

mindset coach

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I will teach you how you can reprogram your own mind one thought at a time.

Picture this:

Waking up with a mindset that makes you excited for the day, grateful to be alive and inspired to take action towards your dreams.

A mind that instead of judging and criticizing others focuses on making meaningful connections and seeing the good in others.

A mindset that helps you experience true love instead of repeating the same self sabotaging relationship patterns.

A mindset that talks you in to the things you really want to do, such as working out instead of finding reasons for not doing it.

Being able to tweak your own energy, raising it naturally when you need a boost and calming yourself down when you need peace and harmony.

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Instead of life happening to you, you are actively co-creating your life.

You become aware of why you have been repeating the same patterns in life and can start breaking those cycles.

You will start to do the things you have been procrastinating about.

You will start building a relationship with yourself where you are your number one motivator and take inspired action towards the things you want to create and achieve.

You will feel connected to the universe and feel more rooted in your purpose.

Your energy will be magnetic. Golden opportunities and people will feel drawn to you.

You will show up for life empowered and transformed.

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I used to say yes to everything and everybody and canceling last minute.

I used to live to be liked by others.

I used to make choices based on what would make others like me more.

I used to cheat on the people I love.

I used to talk a looot of shit about people and gather people around me I could practice this hobby with.

I used to say only the things that would make me look good or popular even if they were lies.

I used to hate my body and wake up every morning looking at myself in the mirror and listing all the things I don’t like about my body.

I used to cry every day out of overwhelm and not knowing how to handle my own mindset and energy.

I used to think everybody is judging me.

I used to apply for jobs I knew I didn’t want and talk myself out of my real dreams.

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1 month - 4 sessions


1 Video call session/ Week x 4


2 months - 8 sessions

Includes :

1 Video call session/ Week x 8

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3 months - 12 sessions


1 Video call session/ Week x 12

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