Why having a plan B is bullshit

I have come to discover that we all internally know what we really really want to do, create and live here on earth. Even when we say we don’t. We are just sometimes too disconnected or too scared to say it out loud, maybe scared of being judged or having dreams that are too big. There is something that we love to do so much, that when we do not do it for a while we feel like we are not really living at all. What is that something for you?

Sure, there are times when we doubt ourselves, and we talk ourselves out of our own mission, dreams and miraculous way of living. There are times when other’s doubt makes us feel as tho we are delusional for even thinking we have the power to do what we came here to do. ‘‘The world just does not work that way’’, ‘‘You are naive’’, ‘‘Maybe try to think a little smaller, more realistic’’. Those are all things that can drain your inspired energy when you are walking a path that has not been walked before, or have not yet strengthened your inner muscle of living on purpose and with intention.

So we start having a plan B, C, D, E. Backup plans. Because what if they are right? What if our inner critic is right? What if we are delusional for thinking we are here to live a life full of miracles and love. The thing is, by creating a plan B, C, D, E, our energy towards our PLAN A starts to decrease. We believe less in less in our ability to create what we really want and start making ‘‘more realistic plans’’ aka. Backup-plans. You know, the plans that you can talk about without anybody getting uncomfortable at the dinner table, like ‘‘I am applying for a job as a sales manager at… I am doing a Master’s Degree in Business Management… I am taking a 200.000e loan to buy an apartment…’’. Those plans that everybody can agree with, because it seems safe, secure, logical, the way it has always been done.

And I get it. I have bought myself so much time by ‘‘doing what we are supposed to be doing’’ just to have time to connect to what I really want to do, figuring out what the limiting beliefs and bullshit backup-plans are that I no longer want to strive for. Because when you are trying to connect to the lightworker inside of you, and when you are trying to become her, to live as her, and to create a life where you don’t have to let her out only in your solitude at night in your room - but a life where you are her, where you show up as her, talk as her, write as her, work as her, love as her - that’s a time of becoming, where you don’t need doubters, critics, people that weaken your belief in yourself and the life you want to create. So I get it. I have, in many occasions, chosen to say ‘‘I’m doing my Bachelor’s degree, I’m doing my Master’s degree, I’m applying for this position that pays me this amount of money..lalalala’’, when in reality that was maybe 2% of what I was actually doing.

If I would have given a more truer insight in to what I was actually doing when people asked me, it would have been this: ‘‘I am connecting to an inner wisdom, trying to peel all layers and beliefs that I have blindly adopted from other’s. I am finding my own voice and passion, discovering who I am without the opinions of other’s. I am writing daily to find my voice, I am cleansing my body, mind, and soul from what I thought I wanted and who I thought I needed to be in order to be loved, or successful or complete. I am learning how to deal with my own mind so that I can live peacefully within myself, so that my head is not working against me, judging me or making me feel anxious all day every day. I am connecting to my inner lightworker, visualising and actively working towards creating a life and abundant living for myself, doing what I love and what brings more light in to this world. I am reflecting on a daily basis, healing my own self-sabotaging patterns, finding a love within myself that does not depend on external circumstances, so that I can love others from a state of overflow and build connections based on truth, vulnerability and wholeheartedness. I am discovering wisdom that has no words, so that I can add new energy to my life and this world, and do not copy paste what has already been channeled. I am creating content in multiple ways, creating classes and events, that all serve the purpose of empowering lightworkers, those who are here to raise the vibration of this planet. And oh, I am doing my Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing right now.’’

So what’s your plan A? What is that life that really inspires you? When you visualize your life, your PLAN A LIFE, who are you? Who do you have around you? What are you creating? What’s the energy you are adding and absorbing? How is your internal world?

I see you, I love you, I bless you.