Hi, I'm Charlotte!

I love to write, that's how I untangle my mind and make sense of this world. That's how I connect to the love in me and that's how I work through all the limiting beliefs I have.

 I express myself in many different ways, because I am a multi passionate being and that's how I feel alive and connected to myself and others. I also love soccer, latin dances, latin music, trap, singing, working out, playing FiFa, digital marketing, meditation, traveling and meeting new people.

I started on my spiritual journey when I was about 18 years old, starting my Bachelor's degree in the US. For the first time in my life I fell in love with a woman, which cracked me my heart and soul open on high speed. After the experience I have stayed spiritually aware and went into new dimensions in my self reflective thinking and being. 

My intention with everything I bring out of me is that you may feel your connection to yourself and every being in this world. I write for my own healing, but wish that my words may serve you as well. 

I believe that we all have a function in this world and that we all have a purpose. I also believe that all of us have the answers inside of ourselves. My biggest aspiration is to feel connected to that inner knowing every single day so that I can walk on this earth feeling complete every single day. I also believe that when we access that temple of love inside of us that we become more balanced, loving and forgiving towards others. That when we light ouselves up from the inside we emanate that light onto everybody we come into contact with.

I want you to feel your purpose so that you do not walk around feeling lost, looking for your happiness in things outside yourself. I wish for you that you find a way to feel certain within yourself, because the things outside of you will always be uncertain. I wish for you that you can adopt an unattached mind that does not seek to obsess, strain and to control. I wish for you that you find a peace of mind that let's you live in the NOW and face whatever life throws at you, because it will help you grow and move forward on your path.

I created an entire course on this. Where I share my tricks on connecting to my true self. I want to give you tools. I want to prove to you that you have everything you need inside of you. I want to prove that by unlocking your mind through these journaling techniques - you will become an energetic match for all the things your soul is here to do, create and experience. 

I want to show you what it feels like when you take responsibility for your own life. When everything is so in sync that you feel like it's too good to be true. I want to change your new normal. I want happiness to be your new normal. I want you to trust yourself, I want you to have access to the gold you have inside of you, your temple, your home, your sanctuary. I want to show you how fucking easy it can be. How exciting, and how fun. You ready? Because I am. Come join the Journal Healing party. Your life will be transformed.